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 Guidelines for Parents:-

Parents are requested to pay serious attention to the following:

  1. Boys/ girls are not allowed to bring to the school cars/ scooters/ motorcycles/ mopeds. Students who disobey this instruction will be denied entrance to the school campus.
  2. To see that their children come to School, neatly dressed and in time for the Morning Assembly.
  3. To keep a check on the leave Record and late Attendance Record
  4. To sign the report cards and the occasional remarks from the teachers made at the end of this hand book.
  5. To notify the Principal of change of address and telephone numbers.
  6. To attend School functions when invited and give the required encouragement to children by appreciating their efforts.
  7. If you feel that you child does not make the desired progress the principal/ headmistress should be contacted.
  8. Private tuitions are not permitted. Class teachers and subject teachers are not allowed to tutor their students.
  9. Criticism of child's teacher and the school in his/ her presence should be strictly avoided, because it causes the child to loose his/ her respect for the teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him/ her. If you have a legitimate complaint see the principal, without fear of reprisal.
  10. Parents/ guardians are allowed to meet the teachers on Parents - `teachers' meeting day. They are not allowed to meet the students or interview the teachers during school hours and much less ask the helpers and peons to do so, without the permission of the principal. All such dealings shall be done through the office.
  11. The name and date of birth of a student will not be changed once entered into the register of the school. A students joining the school for the first time, must produce satisfactory evidence of his/ her date of birth such as an extract from the Birth and Death Register of the municipality or Gram Panchayat.
  12. Registration of admission to the Nursery classes is open only on 22nd March, 2007. It is to be noted that registration though being a precondition for admission, does not mean definite admission.
  13. Every application for a Transfer Certificate will be made in writing by the parent or guardian. A transfer Certificate will not be issued until all fee dues are paid.
  14. A fee of Rs.50/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate and this will be issued only three days after receipts of an application. Any certificate (other than TC) from the school office can be obtained if an application is made to this effect two days in advance and a payment of Rs.20/- at the counter.
  15. It is extremely important for parents to realize that their attitude and behaviour has a direct bearing on their child's growth and development. Lack of co-operation, misconduct, issuance of threatening letters and indulging in unwarranted communication by the parents/ grand parents/ guardian (s)/ close relative (s) with the principal/ class teachers/ subject teachers would entail action against the ward, whcih could vary from warning to expulsion.
  16. The school will make all efforts to ensure safety and security of the students during school hours. However, in case a child indulges in acts which amount to violating the rules/ norms of the school, and as a consequence such child endangers his/ her life or suffers any bodily harm, the school in no way be liable/ responsible for any such act of the child.
  17. On wet or stormy days, the school will remain open. If parents fell that the health of their children may suffer on account of wet clothes, then they may call at the school and take their ward home. An understanding with the principal and a note to the office is all that is required on such an occasion.
  18. No student is allowed to bring/use mobile phone in the school campus.
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